Welcome to The Zeal Center for Learning!

I’m Mackenzie, the creator of The Zeal Center – a place for sharing knowledge, cultivating community, expressing creativity and having LOTS of fun.


In 2016, I started a permaculture training in San Francisco. The first day of the training, we participated in an exercise where we threw a ball of string around the room while we  told the group a few things about ourselves. Two of those things were one resource and one need. When we were thrown the ball, we wrapped it twice around our wrist and then threw it to another. We soon began to form a web in the center of the circle.

About halfway through the exercise, a man told us that he needed a job. He had just lost his and was willing to do any job at all. He wrapped the string around his wrist and threw it to a stranger across the circle.

The woman introduced herself and then said, “My resource is that I have a job available.”

In that moment, I understood the value of community. The strength and vulnerability that comes with communicating needs and how a community can pick us up when we’re down. Community is a resource in itself. 


Many trainings, experiences, jobs and connections later, I found myself drawn back to my roots in Upstate NY, where I first learned about the meaning of the word. Through many conversations, I was fascinated over and over again at the knowledge and strengths in our small town of Sodus, NY.

I wanted to create a place for all of that knowledge to come together and be shared. For all ages to have a place to learn and play. For connections to be made and laughter to be had. So, I created The Zeal Center for Learning.

As we grow and learn together, we will become stronger than we already are. Thank you for being part of our community.

Big love to you ~ Mackenzie