Words on the Past Week

I’m not sure where to even begin this. My head is spinning from the past week and when I try to find my footing, there’s a new club that comes and knocks me over.

People are coming together in ways that I have never seen before. And people are pulling apart in other ways.

I have trouble understanding views. I know that some have trouble understanding mine and may be uncomfortable with me being vocal about those views.


So, here’s my plan:

  1. I’m going to listen and ask questions. 

There are people that have much different opinions than me on what’s happening, what is right and what is not. I realllyyyyyy want to listen and reflect what I’m hearing, which is not the easiest task, but videos that I’ve seen of people screaming at each other doesn’t seem productive to me. There will be times when I can’t hear it but I really want to work on hearing it. My views 5 years ago would probably make now me cringe. The least I can do is make friends with the people who I don’t agree with and see if we can find some common ground.

2. I’m going to breathe. 

I’ve found myself holding my breath A LOT this past week. That’s not going to help anything. I have breath breaks twice a day on my calendar that send me an alert, which has been much less annoying than I thought they would be and much more helpful. For a long time, I’ve talked the talk about adding meditation back into my routine and in this moment it seems LONG overdue. It’s happening.

3. I’m going to love hard.

Anyone. Everyone.

4. I’m not going to shut up.

I can’t. It’s too important. I’ve been silent before and cannot continue to be silent now that I know what I know. I will continue to ask questions, continue to hear people’s stories, continue to voice what I know is right. Want a conversation? I’m in. Will it be uncomfortable? Maybe. But let’s face that uncomfortable together.


A VERY wonderful friend told me that silence and ignorance is convenient. Blew my MIND the truth that came from the mouth of this badass babe. It’s much easier to be in the dark about issues, to know only your own story and to move through life thinking that everyone is just as happy as you.

Seeing that Truth can be really uncomfortable. Especially if it’s one that is very unknown to us and our reality. Typically, when we reach something that is uncomfortable, we reject it, dismiss it and leave it alone.

But what if we took that uncomfortable feeling and got reallyyyyy curious about it? Asked ourselves some questions about it. Welcomed it in and asked, “Are you just different or are you wrong?” And when we hear the answer, ask if that’s our fear talking or if that’s the Truth?

Fear does a lot of work to protect us and we have to thank fear for trying so hard. It tries to be a good friend. But fear needs to take a backseat in decision making, especially when we’re uncomfortable with someone else’s reality. Because “someone else’s reality” is our reality too. We are one.

Sending much love to you in these stormy seas, friends. Let’s show big love to each other no matter the race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or background. Empathy and love is needed now more than ever. We are one.

Big love,


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